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Do I Need A Stucco Inspection?

If the home you are purchasing has a stucco exterior, the answer to that question is Yes!

Stucco is beautiful! Its versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective when compared with other types of building exterior materials. It's also fire resistant.

Unfortunately, stucco needs a lot of TLC in rainy and humid environments. Also, while it's very durable, it's also fairly brittle. Since the Houston area is prone to ground that shifts, this can lead to cracking in the stucco. That cracking can lead to moisture getting behind the stucco, to the wood framing.

What would a stucco inspector look for?

Signs that there have been leaks in the stucco siding

Missing or aged caulking around windows and doors

Proper transitions between stucco and other materials

Cracking or discoloration of the stucco

Wood rot near fixtures in exterior walls

Since stucco repairs can easily reach 5 figures, it's pretty important to get that stucco home thoroughly checked before you purchase. Then enjoy your home for years after, by diligently maintaining that pristine beauty. Properly cared for, a stucco home is a treasure.

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